Flash stock rom on samsung galaxy note 8 sm, list of best custom rom for galaxy note 8


Flash Stock Rom on Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 8 SM-N950F

We are going to lớn Flash Stock Rom on Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 8 SM-N950F . In this guide we have used Odin Flash Tool to flash Stock Firmware on Samsung Galaxy lưu ý 8 SM-N950F & we include official link to tải về Samsung Galaxy chú ý 8 SM-N950F stock rom và all needed files. Your device may get bricked & flashing stock ROM is the only way to go out.To perform this advance process of flashing stock ROM please go step by step. If you got any error then leave a Comment. Read More – Increase Internal Rom size After Root

Why Odin Flash Tool ?

Odin Flash tool which is also known as a cross-platform application. We use Odin Flash tool for flash Stock Rom và to fix the hard brick device. This is a very user friendly tool Odin Flash tool is used on only Samsung devices.This allows you lớn flash stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 8 SM-N950F . Read More –  Ad IR Sensor for your phone – TV Remote.

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Why I want lớn Flash Stock Firmware

If you have an android device,you may require flashing Stock ROM/Firmware under various circumstances. If you have flashed custom ROM , Custom recovery or Custom kernel & facing several issues or if you want lớn Full Unroot, Unbrick,Rollback ,then you have to lớn flash stock ROM lớn bring your device back khổng lồ it’s original state. Read More – Stock Rom vs Custom Rom

If you need khổng lồ upgrade your Samsung Galaxy then you have to find upgraded Stock/Custom Rom – kitkat, Marshmallow, Nougat,Oreo. We provide only official Rom because all the glitches & bugs are debugged và you can get latest OTA update và install them. 

There are many reasons for flash your mobile phones. Boot loop issue, massive lags, soft bricks are some of them. If you want to Flash your sản phẩm điện thoại phone because of any of those reasons và you are finding a perfect guild for it ,so you are at the right place. Here we provide you khổng lồ the instructions for the flash Samsung Stock firmware from downloading lớn installing it using Odin tool in windows PC.

You can downgrade/upgrade your phone to lớn different android versions.You can completely unroot your Samsung.You can reset your device back to lớn the factory state.You can remove custom recovery like TWRP và CWM in your Samsung.

How to lớn flash Stock Firmware on Samsung Galaxy note 8 SM-N950F

REQUIRMENTSOriginal USB cable and working PC.Your phone should have at least 50%-60% of battery health otherwise don’t vị the flashing process.DISCLAIMER

Proceed at your own risk flashstockrom.com will not be responsible for any mistake và any damage that might occur lớn your device while performing the following operation. Don’t skip any step. Full Guide about Odin Flash Tool – For beginners

Preparation for Flash Stock Rom on Samsung Galaxy lưu ý 8 SM-N950F

Step 1:

Download the Samsung USB drivers for your computer. If you already downloaded it then skip this step.


Step 12 (optional) :

Now select “Reboot system now”.

Step 13 (optional) :

Now your device will be reboot & flashed successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions Listed Below


I can’t Flash Stock Rom on Samsung Galaxy note 8 SM-N950F

Do it again with fresh Odin tools,Samsung Firmware(It better tải về files from another server). Your problem is persist then leave a bình luận with full details about error. Then our team will help you.If you recognize your error then more details here.

Samsung Galaxy chú ý 8 SM-N950F doesn’t turn on, not respond to power button ( Dead/Soft Brick)

Make sure a formatted SD thẻ is present in the phone before proceeding khổng lồ flash.After that Give up khổng lồ 15mins for first boot.Finally find rom from alternative source.

Samsung Galaxy lưu ý 8 SM-N950F Doesn’t not pass boot logo/bootloop

After Flashing,Samsung Galaxy phone doesn’t pass the boot biệu tượng công ty that mean,there is something wrong with your Samsung Galaxy lưu ý 8 SM-N950F . However let it lớn start 15mins at least because this is first boot. After that if any problem persists then try lớn hard reset và do the Flash again. See More

Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 8 SM-N950F stuck at boot/ continuously restarts/ keep rebooting

First time it may give this kind of things. Wait and watch. First boot may be slow. If problem persists then try khổng lồ hard reset & do the Flashing Stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy note 8 SM-N950F again with fresh files.  See more

Phone automatically disconnecting during flashing

Try changing the USB-port
After that run Odin FLASH TOOL as ADMIN.Finally try another PC và USB cable.

USB device not recognized

This is not related lớn Odin Flash tool. Seems like this is error of your USB port for the reason that you get this error.Then you can fix it from here

Samsung Device tự động hóa restarting

It may be your Samsung Galaxy case is pressing on it (Clean the nguồn button.)Or May be, your current stock Rom is damaged or Corrupted. So you have lớn Install Stock Rom/custom Rom to lớn your device. Use this post to lớn Flash new Stock Rom.

“EXT4 image error” / hidden.img.ext4


invalid EXT4 image “which we are talking today might occur during flashing of the device can be encountered safely. Before going to deep dive into the solution of this error, let’s know about this error a bit first. Because, it’s always better to lớn know what we are dealing with, before we actual start facing it ?. Read More – FIXING THE INVALID EXT4 IMAGE USING ODIN TOOL

I have made a detailed tutorial for tackling this error in my previous post. Please follow the liên kết if you are facing this issue on your device. : Link

Error showing “SW REV kiểm tra FAIL” on screen


This error occurs when the ROM (Read only memory) is not a proper supportable one for your device or is an old version. If you have already updated lớn a high level of the version, then you cannot roll back to lớn the versions below that. Just find the recent versions & for your current phone versions. LInk

Error displaying “secure kiểm tra fail”

Case 1: The cause for such errors is either the incompatible boot loader or the corrupt ROM. Better to check the ROM by the comparison of md5 signature with on some server. More details – Link

Screen showing a blank trắng screen

This might look scary but this is the easiest problem one could tackle without any difficulty. This is not actually a real problem. The phone would be completely functional but only that the display is broken. I recommend you to lớn boot to download mode. Flash the stock firmware with Odin, Simple! More details – Link

Error which displays “Nand write start fail”


Solving this error in Odin tool is challenging but not complex. There are many cases why this error exists and there are various remedies lớn resolve it. It is mainly caused by a corrupted NAND file system. Odin usually de-compresses the writes the firmware to lớn the device, but while doing so, the file may be over-compressed where it fails to decompress quickly throwing the time out error. Try the below mentioned solutions. More Details – Link

Phone says “Could not do normal boot odin mode”

This is Normal error follow this could not vì chưng normal boot odin mode

Install Oreo, Marshmallow on Samsung Galaxy chú ý 8 SM-N950F

we know,some phones Versions still not received lastest updated android, It depend on country too. Imagine that you are in Singapoor và you phone have nougat. But your version thái lan phone may be received Marshmallow. So, If there is available Marshmallow or Lollipop then you can also Flash it as a Stock ROM.

How to revert back khổng lồ the previous version of Android

When you Flash new Custom Rom, If it is still testing one then you will definitely get errors.. Like Camera fail, WIFI fail, NFC,GPS fails.. So, in this situation, You have to get previous version of android OS. But is there any chance to downgrade Android lollipop lớn kitkat or Marshmallow lớn Lollipop? I would like to say. YES YOU CAN.. You can use this post to go Back to kikat or Lollipop

Can’t Boot into Recovery Mode on Galaxy chú ý 8 SM-N950F

Turn off your phone. (If you can, then remove the battery)Power button + Volume down + trang chủ button.

If you still can’t then you have to install Stock Recovery because your one may be breacked. – Flash Recovery Mode

Download Country/Carrier Based Stock Rom

When you go lớn download. Their are many version for one Model. Country/Carrier, PDA, CSC. Because Samsung create OS for targeting Counties ( USA,US,Uk, Korea, India, Thailand, Philippine, Australia, Africa, France, Italy, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Sri Lanka, German, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Bangladesh, Turkey, Poland, Netherland, Spain, Portugal, Czech republic) . These Stock firmware not difference but may be difference pre-Installed apps and Frequency. Choose your Country or choose nearest country.

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The Samsung Galaxy chú ý 8 is one of the most feature-rich apk devices in the market right now. However, the manufacturer’s stock ROM limits some cool features of the phone that could make your user experience a whole lot better. For instance, if you never use Bixby virtual assistant, it would be impossible to lớn assign the Bixby button a different functionality in the stock ROM. Also, the Samsung user interface has remained much or less the same across their various devices. This can get boring.

Installing a custom ROM not only allows you unlock multiple new features but also increases your phone performance and removes bloatware stock applications. Did you know you can actually control the parts of your device an tiện ích can access? The custom ROM enables you to lớn deny permission lớn some apps that you would not otherwise vì on the stock ROM.

Article updated March 2019.


Before installation of the custom ROM, your device should be rooted and a custom recovery flashed.With that said, I am going to list some of my favourite note 8 ROMs that can help spice up your device.

1. Lineage
OS 14.1


This is a custom ROM based on the Android mở cửa Source project. Most of its features have been contributed by different members within the app android community. You will also notice a lot of familiar features that you may have come across in the Cyanogen
Mod OS. This is because after discontinuation of the Cyanogen
Mod, their development team shifted to lớn Lineage.

This ROM comes with a remodeled notification panel & a customizable quick settings. With this new panel, you won’t have to xuất hiện any of your messages as you can reply to lớn all of them through the notification. The setting panel has also been redesigned.

In terms of messaging, the developers have added 100 extra emoji và the ability to add a custom image on your keyboard. This ROM will also allow you to mở cửa the camera just by tapping the nguồn button twice. Some other great features of the Lineage OS include multi window support, data saver per app, & enhanced doze system.


You can download Linage
OS from (here)

2. Light
ROM – S9 Port For Galaxy note 8


ROM is one of the best ROMs available for Galaxy cảnh báo 8 owners. Off the bat you’ll notice its custom boot animations, a number of sound và camera mods, and an overall heavily debloated phone experience. The ROM itself comes in under 900 MB, hence why it’s called “Light

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It was recently updated at the beginning of March 2019, adding a number of bugfixes và performance improvements. It is available for cảnh báo 8 G950/G955_F/FD và N950_F/FD models.

You can visit the XDA thread for tải về links here.

ROM features:

Odexed and Zipaligned
Magisk Root
CSC Support
Custom Kernels in the Aroma installer
Dolby Atmos sound mod

3. Deluxe


ROM was developed with heavy customization in mind. One of its main features is the built-in Deluxe
ROMControl, which allows you khổng lồ change many aspects of the UI, such as status bar elements, positioning, navigation bar color, và others.

This ROM is available for Galaxy note 8 with mã sản phẩm numbers N950F/G955F/G950F.

You can check out the official XDA thread here.

Some other additional features:

AROMA installer
Debloated + de
Tweaked build.prop1050 pre-installed fonts
Dual messenger for all user apps
Patched Theme store

4. Rom


The developers of this ROM did a great job reducing the bloatware so that it’s now almost non-existent. They have also significantly improved the reception of the wifi và data signals. On top of that, the Rom
Aur ROM comes with pre-installed Magisk, Busybox & SQLite3.

The tốc độ has also been greatly optimized. You will now notice faster scrolling, faster xuất hiện camera app, & faster transition between apps. The image quality has also been boosted to 100 for better unique pictures. Something you will also notice with the Rom
Aur ROM is increased battery life. Other key features lớn take into trương mục are:

It’s fully de-odexed
Zipaligned with SDK R22.0.1Kernel debugging has been disabled
Increased cảm ứng sensitivity

You can download the Rom
Aur ROM (here)

5. Dr.Ketan ROM


A highly advanced custom ROM that comes with a ton of customization features. It is for Galaxy note 8 mã sản phẩm numbers N950F_DS_N, running android Pie.

This ROM really has too many features khổng lồ list. The developer is a highly experienced app và ROM developer, who mostly focuses on tweak tools. Thus, Dr. Ketan ROM showcases some of his best work, as the ROM has been debloated, de
Knoxed, DEX supported, và just really a huge list of other awesome tweaks.

You can customize a lot of the includes features using the built-in ROM Tool và ROM Control apps. This goes beyond UI customization, as you can easily enable & disable features on the fly, such as sound mods, navigation key customization, & others.

You can get Dr. Ketan ROM from his official trang web here, và read more about it on the official XDA thread.

Dr. Ketan ROM features:

DEX supported60FPS camera recording
Samsung Pay with Gear Enabled
High Volume warning disabled
Screenshot in Secure Tab
Menu with Long pressing power button
Dolby soundmod for phone speaker
Dual Messenger for all apps

6. Dev
Base v6.0 with De
X, Encryption support


This is a pure Galaxy note 8 based ROM, which introduces a lot of useful features. It is a 100% “original” ROM, meaning it does not borrow anything from any other custom ROMs. For starters, the ROM is pre-rooted with Magisk 18.0. Most apps that root-check should work fine, except a few Samsung apps & services that kiểm tra KNOX status.

Base 6 has been debloated, odexed, and CSC supported.

This ROM is available for Galaxy lưu ý 8 mã sản phẩm numbers N950F/DS/N. You can visit the official ROM thread here.

Some additional features of Devbase 6:

Odexed (original stock files) + stock kernel
Multi CSC OXM (list of natively supported CSC as above
Removed KNOX related nội dung (useless on rooted phones)Removed Rlc.apk và vaultkeeperd (to avoid “OEM unlock issue”)Rooted systemlessly (Magisk v18.0)All original features are present và works (except KNOX related apps)Added “App Lock” feature (Settings -> Advanced features)No visual changes (100% stock look)

7. Iron


This is another popular custom ROM. It is based on the latest N950FXXU3CRE5 Nougat base và is available through the AROMA installer. This means that the installation process is quite easy and straightforward. The Iron
Man ROM comes with a dedicated Adblocker that ensures you no longer have to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with those annoying apps. Also, for a better messaging experience the developer has added Oreo và i
OS emojis on vị trí cao nhất of the stock emojis.

Another thing that’s bound lớn catch your attention on this ROM is the dual speaker sound thủ thuật that turns your mouthpiece to an extra speaker. It comes with a debloat menu from which you can choose apps that you want to lớn remove. Also, you vày not have lớn unlock your phone anytime you want to lớn select the next music title. You can simply vày this using the volume buttons. Some other great features include custom clock positions & customizations, a modded System
UI, full ROM control, 3Minit Clock/battery in ROM control, & an option between tiện ích ios or stock emojis.

Direct download Links (here) to lớn Iron
Man ROM Oreo version & (here) for Nougat.

8.Taimen – pixel Experience ROM


This is a great px AOSP based ROM, which doesn’t include any Samsung apps. In fact, it includes pretty much all of the pixel 2XL app android Pie apps. RAM usage is heavily decreased, and you get a great AOSP experience on your Galaxy lưu ý 8.

This ROM is available for cảnh báo 8 Exynos versions, you can visit the XDA forums thread here.

You could nearly consider this a direct port of the Google pixel AOSP to lớn Galaxy lưu ý 8. Among its features:

All px 2XL Android phường Apps
Pixel 2XL Widgets
Wizard from AOSPAOSP Lockscreen
Oreo AOSP System
UIGoogle Camera with HDR+

9. Resurrection Remix Oreo


This custom ROM is based on the AOSP source code and thus is similar to lớn the stock ROM on the pixel devices. It comes with the android oreo and therefore some of the features you can expect include Notification dots on app icons, picture in picture mode, android Instant tiện ích compatibility & better Copy & Paste options.

It blends together features of other ROMS lượt thích Lineage, Slim, AOKP, & others to produce a greatly optimized ROM with better performance, customizations & increased battery life.

You can download the Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy chú ý 8 (RR codename Great
LTE) (here).

Final say

Installing a custom ROM is a great way to unlock extra functionalities on your phone. However, it’s important to note that doing so voids your warranty. In case of any issues with your device, you are personally legible. To ensure no problems arise, make sure you properly follow the installation guide. You should also be aware of some of the issues that may arise during installation and how to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with them.