Kim Soo-hyun was described by his co-star, Seo Ye-ji, as the best onscreen partner she ever had.

“From the very first day he has been very considerate of me. I would even say that he is the best partner I’ve ever had,” she said.

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The actress declared this during during the digital press conference of the drama “It’s Okay Not to Be Okay” on June 6. The drama is directed by Park Shin-woo who (“Encounter,” “Jealousy Incarnate,” “Hyde Jekyll, Me”) và written by Jo Yong (“After the Rain,” “Jugglers”)

Seo Ye-ji

The drama is the first drama of Kim after his military service. He said that this drama made his heart ache from the moment he read the first read the script.

“I think that you may be able to agree once you see the show, but there are a variety of characters, a lot of stories & there is also a lot of love in the drama. So I think whatever angle you see our show from, there is something in it for everybody,” he said.

The actor said that he had the thirst lớn act again when he was doing his military service. He added that time he spent in the military made him physically stronger, too.

Kim Soo-hyun, photos from Netflix

Kim plays the character of Moon Gang-tae. He works as a caregiver in a psychiatric ward where he meets an anti-social children’s book writer, Mun-yeong (Seo Ye-ji). The drama promises a lot of heart.

Gang-tae is the younger brother but he has lớn act lượt thích he’s the older one because Sang-tae (Oh Jung-se) has the autism spectrum disorder.


“When he meets Mun-yeonng, that is when he begins lớn sort of let his guard down. He is able to lớn complain about things và he becomes lượt thích a child in front of this character. So I think that meeting Moon-young is like a transitional point in his life in that sense,” he said.

The actor also described his first meeting with the actress as awkward at first but they soon developed an onscreen chemistry. Something that he hopes the viewers of the drama would be able to enjoy.

Watch the trailer here:
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Catch Kim Soo-hyun and Seo Ye-ji in “It’s Okay to Be Not Okay” on June 20, 9:30 pm, on Netflix.

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READ: What you need to lớn know about ‘It’s Okay to lớn Not Be Okay’


Last year, there was a blind thành công that was published by truyền thông media outletNewsen about a rumor pertaining lớn a female celebrity and her celebrity boyfriends.

According khổng lồ the blind cống phẩm article, actress G was infamous for completely dominating & controlling her celebrity boyfriends both physically & mentally. The article reported, "She only dated popular male celebrities even when she was a rookie. One of the most famous stories is that a vị trí cao nhất idol star H threw himself into the road after breaking up with G. It is known that celebrity H had continued khổng lồ cling onto Gafter the breakup,visiting G"s agency and even dieting with her when he heard G was on a diet."

The blind vật phẩm also revealed that another handsome male celebrity K also attempted suicide after breaking up with G. It was also revealed that K is best friends with đứng đầu celebrity J, who is currently dating G. According to the reports, G continues to lớn physically & mentally dominate her boyfriend.

This information was released on May 18, 2020, & is resurfacing as netizens are speculating that G is Seo Ye Ji, H is Yunho from TVXQ, K is Kim Jung Hyun, & J is actor Kim Soo Hyun.


In fact, Se Ye Ji has been once involved in a dating scandal with Yunho back in 2014, when the two celebrities appeared in thedrama "The Night Watchman" together. Although the two celebrities" agencies denied the allegations at the time, many netizens believe that the two were dating at the time.

Many netizens are believing in the past blind thành công more because entertainment reporter Kim Yong Ho also mentioned the dating scandal between Seo Ye Ji and Kim Soo Hyun back in 2020.

In June 2020, in a You
Tube live stream,reporter Kim Yong Ho raised suspicions against actress Seo Ye Ji"s personality & her background.


The reporter started by saying, "Seo Ye Ji is an amazing woman,"then continued to say that there"s something weird about celebrities who have a grand story of how they became a celebrity or have some amazing back story.

Kim Yong Ho stated that when he talked lớn the staff members who worked with Seo Ye Ji, many stated that Seo Ye Ji"s real personality is very close lớn the character she played from the drama "It"s Okay khổng lồ Not Be Okay." He said, "Seo Ye Ji is the type of person who needs lớn be the center of attention and needs khổng lồ be treated lượt thích a queen. Và people say that the character that she portrays is actually close to lớn her actual image."

The reporter then pointed out that Seo Ye Ji had dated Kim Jung Hyun for a long time, and Kim Jung Hyun"s acquaintances told the reporter that the actor almost went crazy while dating Seo Ye Ji. The acquaintances of Kim Jung Hyun worried about him because he was completely absorbed by Seo Ye Ji.

Reporter Kim Yong Ho continued to lớn say,"So Seo Ye Ji almost entices men with her charms, almostdominates them.You"d understand if you watched "It"s Okay to Not Be Okay." One of the episodes I heard is that she would call her boyfriend and just yells "Fire!" và hangs up. So the boyfriend would get surprised và run over to lớn her. When they arrive, she"s perfectly fine. But she would ask why it took them so long to get lớn her after hearing her scream."

The reporter believed that there are certain characters that fit the actors well because of the similarity between the personality of the actor and character. Hence, the reporter concluded that Seo Ye Ji must have the personality of the character in the drama "It"s Okay khổng lồ Not Be Okay."

After the recent controversy that Seo Ye Ji was the mastermind behindactor Kim Jung Hyun"s rude actions towards Seohyun, many netizens are rewatching the clip made by reporter Kim Yong Ho & are shocked by the information he had provided. Many believe Seo Ye Ji tends to lớn gaslight her boyfriends và have been shocked by much of the recent news reported about the actress.